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Panel discussion on demonetization at SJC

A panel discussion was organised by NDTV at St Joseph's College on December 16. It was telecasted live on national television under the ‘Agenda’ series. The topic for the pane was ‘Demonitisation’, which was anchored by Ms. Maya Sharma, Senior journalist, NDTV.“Karnataka is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons... More+

Christmas season at SJC begins with food festival

The Department of Political Science (Master’s Programme), SJC organised the Third Post Graduate Student Seminar on March 15, 2017. The theme for the seminar this year was ‘State of Indian Republic 2017’... More+

Josephites reach out to Sindagi as a part of social outreach program

Students of St Joseph’s College spent a week in Sindagi, Bijapur as a part of social outreach program from December 8 to 14. Around 60 students from Dept. of Mass Communication and Botany actively participated. Fr Rohan Almedia, SJ, Principal of Loyola CBSE school and Director of Sangama Social Service center said... More+

SJT to help the HIV/AIDS infected patients

Striving to treat the infected and emancipate the masses from the stigma of HIV/ AIDS is the motto of The Society of the Sisters of St Joseph of Tarbes (SJT). St Joseph’s Health and Community Centre, Bijapur has sisters, 15 medical staff, 6 counsellors and 4 outreach staff, who take care of the patients affected with HIV/ AIDS... More+

SJC funds project on the plight of Rohingyas

Understanding the plight of statelessness and the importance of citizenship to such people by studying the Rohingya people living in India is the underlying goal of the project by Dr. Priyanca Mathur Velath from the Department of Political Science at St Joseph’s College.The college funded project titled... More+

Talk on Molecular beam

Imagine a chamber with a partition in between, where a hole is cut out for light to pass. The molecules on one side will pump out on the other side in a common direction. This is what a molecular beam is. If the hole is smaller than the mean free path (distance between collision among the molecules)... More+

Josephites get set for Panax

A group of people called ‘Pana’ who are interested in collection of stamps, currencies and coins are grounding for the exhibition ‘Panax’ that is going to be conducted by St. Joseph’s college. The club was found by Principal Rev. Fr. Eugine Lobo on September 11, 1996. Presently G. Anuplal Faculty coordinator... More+

Passport facility at SJC

The Ministry of External Affairs has decided to bring benefit to students in all Indian Universities and Colleges representing the youth of India having high aspirations by providing passports to students. The objective of this program is to provide international representation to aspiring students in India... More+

Student fervour boosts participation

In spite of an increase in the number of female participants in sports events, the performance is still not up to the mark. Though the involvement has increased over the past six years, there is a lack of interest among girls in campus. “Since past six years, the partaking has tremendously increased among students... More+

Science lecture workshop

First Science Academies Lecture Workshop organised by Department of Chemistry is going to be held on December 1 and 2 at SJC. The workshop is going to be on Spectroscopic and Microscopic methods (SMAM) for analysis of materials. “SMAM is being held for the first time and we are expecting more than 150 participants... More+

On ‘Research as Freedom’; a talk by Prof. Arvind Elangovan

On Nov. 25 2016: the eve of “Constitution Day”, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) played host to one of its former student, Mr. Arvind Elangovan who is currently, an Assistant professor of History at the Wright State University USA: His Discourse was based upon contemporary notions of freedom and their historical roots... More+

SJC gearing up for Sports Day

The annual college athletics is proposed to be held from November 28 to December 3. The students are getting into the grove of the much awaited sports day. ‘Heats’ started from November 28 with Shot-put, Javelin and Discus. Students have shown a great deal of enthusiasm for participating in the event... More+

‘Aarambh’ of commerce PU fest at SJC

Commerce is one of the most sought after field of studies for career options by the youth. Degree colleges go through all kinds of troubles like arranging cultural events and programmes in order to attract the fresh batch of PU students to join their institutions. The Department of Commerce... More+

The Beat Goes On” for a noble cause

The audience at St. Joseph’s auditorium were sanctified and consecrated by the performance of the Cecilian Choir, with their collection of choral music and Christmas cantata on Saturday and Sunday with two shows on each day for a cause. The theme for this event was “ The Silence and The Sound... More+

Talk on Sustainable Development

On 17th January, 2017, St. Joseph’s College, (Autonomous) played a host to Dr.A.Ravindra (IAS Retd.), former chief secretary to Government of Karnataka who is currently the Chairman, Board of Governors ... More+

Anatomy of communal riots explained

The exploration of the anatomy of a communal riot and understanding the forces behind it was the intention of making her acclaimed documentary, ‘Kya Hua Is Shahar Ko’, said filmmaker Deepa Dhanraj at the screening of the documentary as part of Mediacon 2016 on Friday. The film was released in the year 1984... More+

Panelists at Mediacon talk about media and patriarchy

The panel discussion at Mediacon 2016 focused on issues like media, women and patriarchy with the central theme “Media and the reinforcement of the patriarchal muscle in contemporary Indian society”. The panel had eminent media practitioners like Pooja Prasanna- principal correspondent at Times Now... More+

Media is biased in disseminating information

The paper presentations on the theme ‘Media shift from proposition to propaganda’ during ‘Mediacon’ concluded that most of the information transmitted through media is biased. The moderator of the session Dr. Cheriyan Alexander, HOD, Department of English at St. Joseph’s college said, “Today we are increasingly bombarded by media... More+

Mediacon inaugurated with a bang

The atmosphere was electric, the excitement palpable and the Xavier Hall was packed. It was the inaugural ceremony of ‘Mediacon’ - a two day conference, organised by the staff and students of the Post Graduate Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. It was a National Conference where media professionals... More+

Extract value from ideas to innovate, says Dr. Ganguly

Every idea ultimately needs to find a way to benefit somebody and it is about capturing value in an idea. Innovation means that if an idea exists, then Go to Market (GTM) is the way to put it out to change the lives of the people positively. This was the view of the chief guest Dr. Jyotinath Ganguly, Associate Director of Capgemini... More+

Advocacy in Mahasweta Devi’s works

The late Mahasweta Devi’s writing questioned conventional traditional aesthetics and can be considered as advocacy and not just artistic writing, according to Dr. Sushma G Murthy, professor in the Department of English at Christ University.She was giving a talk on the great writer’s works at the Literati fest in SJC on Thursday... More+

‘Rudali’ tells story of double-Dalits

Students of MA English on Thursday put up a stunning theatrical adaptation of writer Mahasweta Devi’s short story ‘Rudali’ in SJC as part of the Literati festival on its penultimate day.Rudali speaks of the social customs practised in the rural areas of Rajasthan where lower caste women are hired as professional mourners.... More+

Project on urban, farm sector linkages

Large sections of agricultural populations are migrating to urban India and creating employment congestion thanks to a lack of rural agricultural output to generate income for its population. This is one of the observations made by Dr. Manojit Bhattacharjee, a professor in the Department of Economics... More+

An Evening with the Ambassador

The evening of the 30 th of August, 2016 turned out to be quite memorable for the students of St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru. This day was marked by a visit from one of India’s more senior ambassadors who has seen much of the contemporary international scenario in his day and was the former Indian ambassador to the European... More+

Drug to fight TB at latent stage elusive

Drugs to cure tuberculosis have to be consumed at the latent stage of infection for complete eradication of the disease. But, scientists are still in search of a drug that can accomplish this, according to Dr. Sandhya S. Visweswaraiah from the Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics, IISc, Bangalore... More+

U-turn: From real life to reel success

The late Mahasweta Devi’s writing questioned conventional traditional aesthetics and can be considered as advocacy and not just artistic writing, according to Dr. Sushma G Murthy, professor in the Department of English at Christ University.She was giving a talk on the great writer’s works at the Literati fest in SJC on Thursday... More+