Chemistry Department

Dr. Nagaraju N
Associate Professor
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Area: Chemistry
Affiliation: Department of chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D
Teaching Experience: 30 years


B.Sc., Chemistry, Botany and zoology Christ College, Bangalore
M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry Bangalore University
Ph.D Heterogeneous catalysis Bangalore University

Teaching/Research Interests
Teaching: All branches of chemistry at UG level, At PG level Inorganic chemistry, materials science, spectroscopy research: Heterogeneous catalysis, supercapacitors, carbon nanotubes : synthesis, characterisation and appplications of materials.


Project Title Funding agency Broad area of investigation Duration Amount sanctioned

'Exploring the medicinal plants of the Western Ghats for potential drug molecules that possesses antimicrobial activity and synthesis of a few molecules'


Organic Synthesis

2 years

5 lakhs

'Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity studies of supported oxide and mixed oxide nanoparticles'


Heterogenous Catalysis

3 years

5.7 lakhs

Synthesis of esters and alkylated anilines using zeolites aluminophosphates and their modified forms as catalysts


Heterogenous Catalysis

3 years

3.8 lakhs

'Catalytic activity of zirconia and zirconia based super acids in the synthesis of fine chemicals'


Heterogenous Catalysis

2 years


'Microwave synthesis of organic fine chemicals'

Astra Zeneca

Organic Synthesis

1 year


2012 Outstanding Researcher
St.Joseph's College Management

Invited Talks/ Lectures Given
Nov, 8-11, 2011 Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic applications of amorphous mesoporous aluminophosphates (AlPs) and transition metal aluminophosphates(MAlPs)
International symposium on Inorganic phoaphate materials
Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA
July 6-8, 2011 Multiwall carbon nanotubes deposited with BO33-, SO42- and PO43- ions: Preparation, characterization and catalytic activity investigation
International conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology,
CIT, Coimbatore, India
Jan 11-13 2010 Effect of preparation and iron loading on the adsorptive properties and catalytic activity of amorphous aluminophosphates
Cochin Univ, Kerala

Conferences Attended
International Zeolite and Mesoporous materials conference, Sorrento, Italy Sorrento, Italy 4-9 July, 2010 World Resource Forum (WRF) - 2012 International Conference Beijing, CHINA. Resources and Green economy,Beijing, CHINA. 21- 23 October 2012 International symposium on Inorganic phoaphate materials Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA Nov, 8 - 11, 2011

Jain University in the area of supercapacitors


Title of paper Authors Journal YOP Vol/Issue/ Page no.s

"An excellent cycle performance of asymmetric supercapacitor based on bristles like a-MnO2 nanoparticles grown on multiwalled carbon nanotubes"

R.T. Vinny K. Chaitra, Krishna Venkatesh , N. Nagaraju , N. Kathyayini

Journal of Power Sources


309 , 212-220

"Nanocomposite of hexagonal β-Ni(OH)2/Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as high performance electrode for hybrid supercapacitors"

Chaitra. K. N. Nagaraju and Kathyayini. N.

Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics


164, 98-107

"Effect of anion on the catalytic activity of Cobalt Aluminophosphate in the synthesis of N,N-biphenyl urea derivatives'

M. Rekha and N. Nagaraju

Journal of American Ceramic Society (ACS)



"Reductive amination of cyclohexanone in the presence of cyclohexanol over zeolites Hβ and HY"

Sharath R Kirumakki, Maria Papadaki, Komandur V R Chary, N Nagaraju,

Journal of Molecular catalysis A



A facile method for the Nformylation of primary and secondary amines by liquid phase oxidation of methanol in the presence of hydrogen peroxide over basic copper hydroxyl salts

Harikrishna Tumma, K. Vijayakumar Reddy, N. Nagaraju

Journal of Molecular catalysis


310, 121-129

Catalytic materials based on Al(OH)3 for the large scale production of bundles of (MWNTs) carbon nanotubes

H.Kathyayini, W.Isabelle, A.Fonseca, J.B.Nagy and N.Nagaraju.

Catalysis communication


7, 3, 140-147

Catalytic activity of Fe, Co, and Fe/Co supported on Ca and Mg oxides, hydroxides and carbonates in the synthesis of carbon nanotubes

H. Kathyayini, Nagaraju, A. Fonseca and J.B.Nagy

Journal of Molecular Catalysis


223, 1-2, 129-136

'A facile O-alkylation of 2-napthol over zeolites H, HY and ZSM-5 using dimethyl carbonate and methanol'

S.R. Kirumakki, N.Nagaraju, K.V.R Chary and S Narayanan,

Journal of Catalysis


221, 2, 549 - 559

Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes over Co, Fe, and Ni containing conventional and sol gel silica aluminas

A.Kukovecz, Z.Konya, N.Nagaraju, I.Willems, A.Tamasi, A.Fonseca, J.B.Nagy and I.Kiricsi

Physical Chemistry and Chem Phys


2, 3071

"A new Catalyst for the synthesis of N, N-biphenyl urea from aniline and dimethyl carbonate"

N. Nagaraju, George Kuriakose

Green Chemistry (RSC)


4, 269-271


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