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The symposium on Cognitive Analytics

On 31thAugust the Big Data Analytics departmentheld a seminar on cognitive Analytics. The seminar was introduced by Rev.Fr. Dr. Victor Lobo. He addressed the gathering by asking all the students to ‘think about the immediate future’. He expressed his thoughts on innovation, thinking and envisioning a bright future for the students.

Fr. Rector addressed the gathering soon after saying that the goal of the institution is to help students apply positively to the society and equip them to respond to outside situations. He talked about the importance of connection with people and how kindness can take you a long way.

The Coordinator Prof. JayatiBhadraintroduced the guest speakers. Dr. KingshukBanerjee is currently an Executive Director in Cognitive Computing practice in IBM Global Business Services and Mr. Rudra Shankar Roy is having 19+ years of work experience (12 years in IBM and 8 year in core Industry) and presently working as General Manager with Cognitive Business Decision Support (CBDS) - Watson IoT& SCMconsulting practice in IBM Global Business Services.

Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee explained about analytics and AI in Business. He told us the difference between Business Intelligence, Advance Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. And urged us to take inter disciplinary path. Mr. Rudra Shankar Roy told us the importance of being process oriented and how to tackle each problem and approach each situation in a dynamic way.