Dr. M. N. Nachappa
Associate Professor and HOD
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Ms. Mary Merline Rani
Assistant Professor
marymerline@gmail.com View Profile
Ms. Mrinmoyee
Assistant Professor
mrinmoyee2005@sjc.ac.in View Profile
Ms. Bhanu
Assistant Professor
banujeffrey@sjc.ac.in View Profile
Ms. Sandhya N
Assistant Professor
nsandhyavarma2@gmail.com View Profile
Ms. Bojamma
Assistant Professor
bojamma@sjc.ac.in View Profile
Mr. Prasad C.N
Assistant Professor
Cnp.achar09@Gmail.com View Profile
Ms. Shashikala
Assistant Professor
shashikala@sjc.ac.in View Profile
Mr. Arunodhayan Sam
Assistant Professor
sam.arunodhayan@gmail.com View Profile
Mr. Selwyn Paul
Assistant Professor
Selwynpaul438@Gmail.com View Profile
Mrs. Jayanthi Bhadra
Assistant Professor
jayatibhadra@yahoo.in View Profile
Assistant Professor
nithyamadhusuden@gmail.com View Profile
Ms. Aparna.M.C
Assistant Professor
aparnachinnappa@gmail.com View Profile


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