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Creativity doesn’t assure effectiveness, says Hebbar

“Is every creative ad effective?” This was the question Savyasachi Hebbar, a senior strategist at DDB Mudra, began his session with. He would go on to explain the trending advertising methods while addressing media enthusiasts at St Josephs College (Autonomous).

Hebbar, a culture enthusiast who specialises in advertising, has spent more than five years in developing effective strategies for consumer brands.

He explained how the understanding of human behaviour is crucial in presenting an advertisement effectively: “The better you know the audience the better will be your storytelling.”

He demonstrated how some creative advertising failed miserably in being effective since the advertisers were unable to read the target audience.

He also explained the importance of creativity: “People are attracted to what is aesthetic and stories with an emotional connect.” He also explained how the 2013 Tanishq commercial busted a taboo surrounding remarriage.