Upcoming activities of IQAC, St.Joseph’s College 2014 - 2015 [even semester]

November – December 2014 January – February 2015 March – April 2015

26th November 8th TEAM - IQAC meeting at 3pm.

7th January 9th TEAM -IQAC meeting at 3pm.

9th march online -parent evaluation of the college

2nd December visit to MCC And SJCC , by members of - TEAM IQAC to study CBCS

8th January 2nd Greater TEAM -IQAC meeting in staff seminar hall. at 3pm.

12th March – feedback from outgoing students

6th December Induction programme for new teaching faculty at 10am in Loyola Hall.

16th January 1st TEAM - IQAC meeting with Parent teacher council in staff seminar hall at 5.30 pm.

20th March 11th TEAM -IQAC meeting at 12 noon.

8th December 1st Greater TEAM -IQAC meeting in Staff Seminar Hall at 3pm.

16th January ,12 to 1 – 2nd ‘OPEN HOUSE’ with student academic representatives- venue AV room H block

March 14th Environment audit of the college

9th December TEAM -IQAC meeting with student quality cell [SQC] in room H-008 at 1 pm.

23th January 10th TEAM -IQAC meeting at 12 noon.

26th March - staff development programme - motivational workshop on. Things To Do To Have Engaged, Energized Employees-

14th December swacha Bharath 10 K run and cleaning of the campus as per UGC and BU notification. Done by IQAC collaboration with students union and other associations

30th January short meeting with members of criterion III [ Research, consultancy and extension ] at 1.05 , venue room IQAC room [H-OO3]

26th March- staff development programme-WORKSHOP ON- 5’S [FIVE – S] programme for non teaching staff and supportive staff.

15th December 1st TEAM - IQAC meeting with Alumni association core group in staff seminar hall at 3 pm.

6th February 12 – 1 pm a lecture on “ excellence through innovation”

28th march- staff development programme – workshop on institutional leadership, academic visioning and creating the future

16th December TEAM -IQAC meeting IN IQAC room for finalizing the department Vision and mission statements at 1 pm.

20th February 12 – 1 pm input session on “ curriculum development ” for newly inducted teaching faculty

30th march release of 2nd QA news letter

17th December to 20th December on line self appraisal of teaching staff.

30th march evaluation meeting of team IQAC at 12 noon


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