Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and its Student Wing

Open House Organized By Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Its Student Wing,
Student Quality Circle [ SQC ] 12th September 2014

The Context: Started as a need for better communication between the teachers and students, this forum in the college allows them to deal with matters related to the course of study, their problems and needs in an open way so that appropriate actions can be taken to solve the problems for attaining more efficiency in future.

Objectives of the Practice:
The following objectives are identified for this practice
To convene a meeting of students with the teachers/ HODS / Deans
To facilitate open discussion between students and teachers regarding all matters which are important
To understand what are the positive aspects in the functioning of the departments and the college.
To take joint decisions to retain the best practices in the department or college with modifications if required.

The Practice: The open house is an activity where students with the teachers of any department meet to evaluate the functioning of the department/college. This is an occasion when students are supposed to give their feedback on the various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities undertaken by the departments/college. Students can even give feedbacks regarding the services they obtain from the college laboratories, the administrative office, library and canteen. If the students need any additional infrastructural facilities inside the class or within the college campus, that also can be discussed in this forum called OPEN HOUSE. Teachers also use this occasion to give feedback on the performance of the students in and out of the class.

Usually organized on a Fridays during the special hour, the students, teachers, HODS / Deans are given prior intimation before convening a meeting so that everybody can be present for the occasion. During the meeting of one hour, the purpose of the meeting is explained and the students are given time to speak out openly. The TEAM IQAC gives their feedback and reply to the questions of students based on the issues raised by them. A record is made by the TEAM IQAC -of all the major points raised by the students. The implementation of the decisions reached during the meeting is followed up if found best for the institution.

Obstacles Faced If Any And Strategies Adopted To Overcome Them:
Many students are reluctant to speak out openly due to various reasons.

While some are timid and remain silent, others feel their feedback is not noteworthy and don’t want any change in the present system.
There is time constraint for few as they also engage themselves in other activities especially during the special hour.

Impact of the Practice: This practice has helped think collectively to find out solutions for the problems existing in the department/college. It has also allowed the inflow of ideas and implementation plans that are beneficial for the institution. By understanding the needs of the students and the teachers alike, it has become easier to improve on the already existing system. It has also helped the student to know why the founding fathers had a mission when they started the college
Discussion during the Open House
Focused in the areas of curriculum/ infrastructure and association activities

Report on open house


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