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Renjeev delivers art direction masterclass

It’s not often that someone will tell you to stay away from their profession. However, Dundhu Renjeev did just that when she joked at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) that she would want to get out of the profession at the first chance she gets because of the amount of hard work and effort that art directors have to put in.

“Art direction is one thing you have to be experienced in,” Renjeev, who works in the Malayalam film industry, told students of the Department of Communication of the college at Allura 2018.

She also explained this does not happen in institutions that focus on teaching and learning of theory over practical implications of concepts, involving personal experiences. Renjeev expressed her disappointment at being an art director who has to see all her creations dismantled at the end of the day after she worked hard, spent money and built exquisite sets. She also explained that the people at the forefront of the industry may appear arrogant because they worked hard to get to wherever they are and success does not come easy.