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Botany M.Sc.

Course Overview
The department of Botany was started in 1954 and Post Graduate Centre was established in 1986, with affiliation to Bangalore University. The university has allowed St. Joseph’s College to admit 20 students into M. Sc (Botany) and every year the college producing 20 post graduates every year. The department has produced a minimum of two PhD’s per staff member. It has published 90 research papers, which does not take into account the research papers of Cecil J Saldanha (may be they exceed more than hundred). Department of botany is now known for its applied research; more than eight patents have been filed in less than two years. Applied research and human welfare are actively pursued in the department as indicated by active research on cervical cancer.

Department has collaborated with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA. Many minor projects were funded by UGC. There is one major research project under progress from UGC now. So for the department has organized four National level conferences funded by various agencies in the area of Plant sciences. The department is also publishing a registered national journal, Biovistas: Future and Beyond from 2005 onwards. So far seven volumes have already been released. Dr. Jayaram Reddy of the department is conducting a Certificate course in Bioinformatics for graduate and post graduate students. A total of seventeen Ph. D students have been successfully guided by the staff members of the department. The department has filed eight Patents so far.

Aims and Objectives :
Provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research in all the areas of various areas of plant sciences.
Promote sustainable human development by ensuring the participation of almost all students in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.
Increase the employability of the maximum number of students by arranging the campus interviews.
Promote the self employment of the students through various areas of plant sciences.
Organize various extension activities in the areas of plant sciences, environment and human values.
Organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and human values.
Provide higher education to the backward and rural youth and to make them self reliant and disciplined.
Develop the abilities of right kind of leadership amongst the students from rural area in all walks of life.
Transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfillment of changing needs changing society.
Provide the opportunities of higher education for upliftment and empowerment

Vision Statement
The College offers Postgraduate programme M.Sc in Botany. The course is split into four semesters. There are two optional (elective) that students can choose from in the III and IV semesters. The two electives available are taxonomy and microbiology. The duration of programme is two years. The objective of programme is to inculcate research habit by giving emphasis on Applied Botany highlighting the importance of Biotechnology and tissue culture which are of immense value in the present times.

The facilities include green house, well equipped laboratory and library, computer center, career guidance center, Canteen, and student center for women are the added facilities.

Provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research in all the areas of various areas of plant sciences.
Students are selected through an entrance examination conducted by the college
Students are provided with laboratories and class rooms with multimedia facilities
Courses at basic and advanced levels with cutting edge technologies
Highly qualified Faculty actively engaged in teaching and research. Also Visiting Faculty from leading institutes and industries.
Support of Digital Library with good collection of e-journals, e-books, online reports and other digital materials.
Multimedia facilities are available at any time.
Teamwork and students community and collaboration group enable healthy exchange of information.
Students can participate in ongoing research and technology development, live projects and networks.
The technology enhanced learning methodology and e-learning framework allows students to learn at anytime in their own pace.
College is Situated in the heart of Bangalore city, which is India's IT city.

Methodolgy :
Teaching is carried out by encouraging the students to participate in discussion
Teaching is carried out by demonstration of life processes with the help of multimedia, like LCD
Training will be given in decision-making, problem-solving, investigation, policy analysis, debate, critical thinking, creative thinking, and information-retrieval.

Well equipped Laboratory (furnished with basic equipment and instrumentation to support most teaching and research needs. These include balances, HPLC, spectrophotometers, PCR, microtomy, microscopes (dissecting & compound), public use computers, refrigerators and freezers, hotplates and ovens, standard glassware, a leaf area meter, distilled water, and a variety of field equipment and other commonly needed lab supplements.
Plant tissue culture laboratory
Greenhouse and workshop
Library and Herbarium
Meteorological equipments

Assessment :
• Term end examination
• Continuous internal assessment
• Seminars
• Assignments
• Project work and assessment
• Botanical tour

Job Prospects :
• Universities and clinical research organisations.
• Teaching opportunities in schools and colleges.
• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
• Private hospitals and NHS trusts.
• National and global health and environmental charities;
• scientific and technical consultancies.
• Outreach organisations such as museums, science centers and broadcast companies, etc.
Entrepreneurship in plant tissue culture, horticulture, mushroom culture, agriculture, floriculture etc.

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