Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Course Overview
Vision :
Upholding the universal human dignity and tradition of helping with spirit of equality, liberty, fraternity and social justice as enshrined in the constitution of India for all citizens with a greater focus on weaker and vulnerable sections of the society.

Training youth towards creating a conducive environment for protecting and sustaining the spirit socialist, secular and democratic values and ethics in society through training in the social work profession action to uphold the social justice and human rights for the forth coming generations.

Objectives of the course :
Facilitate education and training in Professional Social Work to those desirous of making a career in the field of Social work.
Sustain and enhance its excellence as an outstanding department in teaching, training, research, consultancy and extension to produce well-evolved graduates with tremendous ability to provide leadership in the society and world at large.
Provide opportunities, knowledge, Skills, attitudes and values appropriate to work with individuals, groups, communities, organizations and social movements.
Promote integration of theory and practice.
Provide inter disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of social, economic and political structures.
Provide a framework to the learners to work towards realization of universal rights of citizens and equal share of resources.
Promote among learners a sense of dedication and commitment for disadvantaged sections of the society.
Provide opportunities for students for personal growth and transformation.

Salient Features of the Course :
Teaching Methodology :
The Social Work programs comprise both class room session, clubbed with out door experiences. Audio-visual, Study Tours, Rural Camps, Tribal Visits are apart of the teaching methodology. Students are encouraged to present assignments, papers in creative manners. Field work is an exciting and dynamic element of the curriculum at the Department of Social Work.

Student Involvement :
Students are given to present projects, make documentaries, street plays, theater presentation, movies making, seminar, workshops etc. The Department also have a well organized Social Work Students' Association, solely managed by the Students under the Chairmanship of the Head of Department.

Departmental Facilities :
The Social Work Departments is well connected to an up-to-date Library both for UG and PG Students, students have access on online journals, and documentaries. The Department is well connected to about 100 NGO's/ Government Organizations and Social Institutes. A Computer lab facility is available to all PG students, and the full campus is wi-fi enabled.

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