Departments of Natural Sciences

Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department of St. Joseph’s college established in 1927 is the largest science department in the college. Over the last nine decades the department has built up its reputation as one among the best in business as far as imparting education in Chemistry is concerned. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes in Chemistry. At present, the department has 22 vastly experienced and highly dedicated faculty members out of which 16 hold Ph.D. and 5 have M.Phil. More+


The Department of Botany aims to form citizens who are globally competent in plant science and are self reliant role models for the society. We wish to imbibe in our students a strong sense of responsibility for the environment and make them into crusaders for a green earth. Established in 1954 the department has consistently managed to ignite a passion in students to conserve nature and natural resources.


Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology ever since its inception in 1957 is actively involved in teaching Zoology for undergraduate degree courses in combination with other disciplines viz., Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ); Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology (MCZ); Chemistry, Environmental Science, Zoology (CEZ) and Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology (CZBT). The Faculty unites the disciplines of General Zoology, Cell biology and Genetics, Human Anatomy- Physiology, Developmental Biology More+

Department of Environment Science

The Department of Environmental Science was established in 1983. Environmental Science is a Para-professional course which brings together multifarious goals. On the one hand, the course intends to develop conscious citizens with a complete awareness of the environment. Along with such awareness comes a deep understanding of the total environment and its associated problems. The department aims to create individuals who have sound knowledge More+

Department of Microbiology

The department of Microbiology starting functioning in the year 1988. Since then the department has made remarkable progress and has grown in considerable ways. Ever since its inception, the department has been offering undergraduate programs in Microbiology. In 1998 a post graduate program was instituted. Both the programs are well designed keeping in mind the practical and theoretical skills required. Under each program, we offer a broad spectrum of courses that teach students how More+

Department of Biotechnology

The department of biotechnology was set up in 2002. The mission of the department is to introduce students to the joys of learning science by inspiring and instilling an attitude to explore, imagine, innovate, and excel in the seeking of knowledge.

The department has completed ten years of undergraduate Biotechnology education and has now been funded by DBT for STAR COLLEGE STATUS along with the departments More+