Research in Botany

The faculty has research expertise in Mycology and Plant pathology, Paleobotany, Palynology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Cytogenetics, Taxonomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Embryogeny. Environmental biotechnology, phytoremedition,Applied enzymology, Tissue culture of orchids and anthuriums,Plant biochemistry,Plant physiology.

Some recent research projects:
Dr.A.K.Bopaiah In vitro conservation, multiplication and Chemical analysis of two endangered Medicinal plants- Tinosporo cordi/olio and Glorioso superbo. 2 years - completed2006 Rs.23,000 (UGC Minor project)
Mr.Vedavyasa Department of Chemistry Studies on the catalytic activity of mesoporous amorphous aluminophosphates in organic synthesis 2 years (starting from 1st Feb 2010) Rs 1,50,000/- By UGC
Dr.Jayarama Reddy Monographical and Pharmacological studies On Tribulus terrestris. 3 years- completed Rs.90,000
Dr.Divakar K.M., In vitro studies on rare and endangered Orchids of Uttara Kannada, Shimoga and Kodagu districts of Karnataka. 2 years- completed 2007 Rs.20,000 (UGC Minor project)
Dr. Rajamani S. The distribution of Keratinophilic fungi and Incidence of Dermatomycosis among School children in Bangalore. 2 years- completed 2008 Rs.41,000. (UGC Minor project)
Dr. Jacob Abraham , Pollen content of honey and its application ongoing 2010 Rs.48,000
Dr. Jacob Abraham Department of Botany Pollen content of honey and its application ongoing 2010 Rs.48,000
A number of faculty members are guiding the PhD students.
Professor Title of the thesis Candidates' Year University
Nayeem Ullah Khan Phytoremidiation of pesticidepolluted agricultural soils Naseeb Imrana 2008 Bangalore
Nayeem Ullah Khan Studies on biochemical and physiological aspects of artificial haustoria induction in higher plant parasite Cuscuta chinensis Harsha Royal Joseph 2008 Bangalore
Betty Daniel Effect of some herbal formulations on helicobacter pylori strains Jacob Paul. v. j 2010 Bangalore
Betty Daniel Urinary Tract infections in diabetic patients & biodiversity of UTI microflora Mehvish Saleem 2010 Vinayaka Missions
Saraswathi Raman Studies on the influence of soli pollutants on Dacus carrota Rajashekar. S. N 2010 Bangalore
A. K. Bopaiah In vitro morphogenetic studies in some ornamental anthuriums Jagmohan Reddy 2009 Bangalore
K. M. Divakar In vitro production of anticancer compounds in Nothopodytes foetido Rinku Rajani 2009 Bangalore
K. M. Divakar In vitro Propagation of anticancer plants of western Ghats. Indu B. K 2009 Bangalore
Jayarama Analysis of the antagonistic potential of Trichoderma Seecies & their effective use as biocontrol agents Indu B. K 2010 Vinayaka Missions


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