Research in Chemistry

Name of the professor Title of the project Duration Amt sanctioned
Dr. Ronald J Mascarenhas, Department of Chemistry Electrochemical Investigation of Some Neurotransmitters and Other Bio-Organic Molecules at Modified Carbon Paste Electrode." 3 years (starting from 6th Feb 2010) Rs. 9,39,807/- by UGC
Dr. Ronald J Mascarenhas, Department of Chemistry “Development of electrochemical sensors for biomedical applications by modifying carbon paste electrodes using new generation materials” sponsored by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS, BARC, Mumbai) 2014 - 1017 27.00 L by BRNS Department of Atomic Energy
Mr.Vedavyasa Department of Chemistry Studies on the catalytic activity of mesoporous amorphous aluminophosphates in organic synthesis 2 years (starting from 1st Feb 2010) Rs 1,50,000/- By UGC
Dr.Michael Rajamathi Department of Chemistry Synthesis of magnetic and semiconductor oxide nanomaterials from hydroxide precursors and layered solid-nanoparticle nanocomposites Three years Starting date:01 October 2007 Rs. 75,00,000/- Department ofScience andTechnology (DST)
Dr.Michael Rajamathi Department of Chemistry Intercalation chemistry of anionic clays: Possible applications in separation of anions, organic synthesis and preparation of layered composites Three years Starting date: 01 September 2007 Rs. 22,78,000/ Department of Science and Technology (DST)
Dr.Sandra Misquith & Dr.Melwin ColacoDepartment of Chemistry Mutational and Biochemical Analysis of Ma1120 –an adenylyl cyclise from Mycobacteriumavium Three years 1st October 2006 to 30th Sep 2009-extended till 31st March 2010. Rs 14,00000/- CSIR
Dr.Nagaraju.N Department of Chemistry Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity studies of supported oxide and mixed oxide nanoparticles Ongoing (May 2009 -12) Rs 585000 UGC major Project
Dr.Somashekariah.B.V Department of Chemistry Phytochemical analysis of some medicinal plants having antidiabatic property Ongoing (29/8/2009) Rs1,10000 UGC minor Project

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