St Joseph's College is the very first private college in the city of Bangalore established in 1882. Over its vast and multi-dimensional history, St Joseph's College has served the educational needs of the city, state and country and contributed to the growth and development of a wide variety of citizens.

Students who have stepped out of the portals of their alma mater have always returned to it with tremendous gratitude and joy to be part of the ever-widening vision of individual excellence and community development. They have become stakeholders, partners and collaborators in the consistent renewal of the institution as it meets the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The motto of the college "faith and toil" has always invited them to re-shape the ecology of learning and scholarship in order to develop a more equitable and just society. Their desire to contribute to the education of the marginalized and the downtrodden to access higher education, find employment opportunities and develop into full citizens of society has urged the college to expand the Old Students Association in a vibrant manner. The Old Students' Association of St. Joseph's College thus stands as a special symbol of the enduring relationship between students and their alma mater. It continues to remain the major interface between the college and the world profoundly shaping and informing the continued enthusiasm with the Josephite spirit and tradition.

The Old Students' Association of St. Joseph's College, under the able guidance of Father Ambrose Pinto, has now transformed itself into a robust, socially active, and vibrant association. The reinvigorated association now has a group of committed individuals who have successfully organized a couple of events in the recent past, the most notable being the quasquicentenary celebration of our college.

Purpose and Goals of the Association :
To bring into fellowship all the former students of St. Joseph's College, Bangalore and to deepen in them the bonds of "faith and toil".

To share information with the former students of the developments in the college and to receive feedback to tune the college to the needs of society

To solicit support for ventures in the college especially for scholarships, sponsorships, medals and foundations for the education of the marginalized.

To collaborate with the college in organizing academic and cultural festivals, seminars and workshops

To link the college with industries, centers of consultancy, research and placement and thus develop a brand for the college.