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Superheroes take Solo flight in talk on comics

Superheroes have something in common with people with mental health, said cartoonist Sreejita Biswas, who likes to be called by the name Solo. The graphic designer, who also edits the online comic magazine The Striptease, said they both hide from society.

She was addressing students of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) as part of a talk organised on the occasion of the Department of Communication festival Allura 2018. Solo spoke about the evolution of comics, from it having its roots in the cave paintings to its current stage.

She elaborated, “Comics are sequential art, with time it has merged with tiles and images and different styles of drawings.” Solo also addressed the issues faced by Indian comic artists, one of them being not getting adequate recognition for their creations and the Indian population not buying their work. The Indian society is also very sensitive to political satire, as seen in recent times, and this a challenge for artists, she said.