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Taik on Value Thinking By Rev. Fr. Ozzie Mascarenhas SJ

On the 17th and 18th August , The Big Data Analytics Department of St Joseph's College was honored to welcome Fr. Ozzie Mascarenhas SJ, who is currently JRD Tata Chair Professor of Business Ethics at XLRI Jamshedpur. He obtained his MBA in 1974 from The Wharton School and has done his PhD in 1976 in Finance and Marketing.

Fr. Ozzie started his talk by saying “AI doesn’t come to value thinking”. His talk was divided into modules and his aim was to instill the seed of value thinking in us. In his first module he spoke about value thinking paralleled with the great Indian independence struggle. He talked about the values we realized since august 1947 on the lines of sovereignty, equality and the truest meaning of the word independence. He explained us about the ‘Definition of definition’, thus defining value thinking to us on the lines of philosophy and Ideology.

The second session was just as enthralling as the first; the topic of the module was ‘Value Thinking in Turbulent Markets’. He started by quoting his professor “promise me you’ll never teach what you’ve thought”. He pursued us to think about the context of situations and apply values accordingly. He stressed on the importance of value thinking in molding a morally and spiritually complete man.