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Let your work do the talking: Pavi Shankar

“Everyone can draw. That’s what I believe,” said visual artist and political satirist Pavi Shankar during a session on A Style that Makes Paintings Talk at St Joseph’s College(Autonomous).

He began his journey with part-time jobs of designing flex boards for political parties during elections and other events. His current work focuses on digital art and is based on different narratives.

He said, fine art for him is about emotions and self expression. Showcasing his World War series — which includes artworks like The Street Jammers and The Nuisance Live — Shankar said: “We need to believe in our own creative art, it’s only us who need to believe it, for our art to flourish.”

The visual artist believes in blending cultures, two drastically different concepts juxtaposed into one. For instance, his artwork Why So Bayanaka? is a combination of the Joker from the Batman comic series and the traditional dance form from Kerala that is Kathakali.