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PR is no more single. It is married to social media: Xavier Prabhu

“Social media influencers can earn up to Rs 1.2 crore in a year,” said seasoned public relations (PR) professional Xavier Prabhu, and this apparently has him worried, because the influencers are affecting the industry he works in. The managing director of PRHUB — a PR firm in Bengaluru — told students of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on the occasion of Allura 2018 that PR is no more single: “It is married to social media.”

He explained that the future is about perception and reality, stating that PR is the best discipline that focuses on and has decades of track records in crafting, managing and protecting that perception. With the new generation of consumers, new trends need to be followed by PR professionals to get into their mind, he said.

Prabhu also mentioned various instances of such new trends from daily life, like how the duration of videos is decreasing because of reduction of attention span of the current generation. He explained the manner in which different politicians use PR teams to gain popularity.

For instance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has 251 members in his PR team, which is the biggest any politician has had in the history of India. He even gave example of former British prime minister Tony Blair’s speech beside the Thames river with the rising sun, which gave a sense that “a new dawn has broken.”