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Christmas season at SJC begins with food festival

All associations in SJC from Science, Commerce and Humanities came together to organize a Christmas themed food fest, which was held on 15 and 16 December, 2016. This is a first attempt by the college to have a common food fest. “Food fests were organized per association earlier but this is the first time it has been a common food fest for all the associations,” said Ms Anita Noronha, Coordinator of the associations, Department of Economics. Associations like Microcosm, Botanical society, National Social Service (NSS), Hindi Parishad, French Association, German Association, Psychology Association, North Eastern Association and Consilium were a part of the food fest with many others.

With a total number of 12 stalls per day, students themselves made the food being sold. The items were priced from Rs 10 to 90. One of the stalls from NSS sold ‘dum biryani’ and one of the students Praveen John from III BCA said, “The response has been really good. Students wanted the stall to be there tomorrow as well. Seventy plates of biryani were sold in one hour.” Initially, desserts and main course were decided as themes for both the days. But, due to bad weather and time constraints there was a mixed variety of desserts, main course and breakfast themed stalls. The dishes that were sold most on that day were ‘dum biryani’, cheesecake, pork and ‘sanaz’. One of the students, Silver Rensan Malani, I BVoc said, “I really liked the pork and sanaz as I am from Mangalore, everything is well organized and I appreciate the effort put in by the students”. Ruthi Lalmuanzeli, II Dept. of Botany and her team sold cheesecake and desserts.

She said, “The response has been good, people liked the décor of the stall and we sold 36 pieces of cheesecake out of 43.” “The response has been very good, the cash desk has been busy and we have so far crossed a collection of Rs 10,000”, said Ms Noronha. The amount collected will later be shared between all the associations based on their earnings. However, a part of the registration amount will go as charity to a home for mentally challenged girls which will be carried out by the All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF).