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SJC observes World AIDS Day with rally

“I would reiterate a very common quote: Hate the disease but not the diseased,” said Yashasvi S, president of the Josephite’s AIDS Awareness Movement (JAAM) Club. She was speaking on the occasion of the 30th World AIDS Day on December 1. The theme this year was “Know Your Status.” The club organised a march from the college to the Samsung Opera House at Brigade Signal. Around 350- 400 students took part in the march.

The aim was to create AIDS awareness among students and also the general public. It was also to promote the idea of this year’s theme, so more and more at-risk people get tested and know they are HIV-positive or not. The students were encouraged to help in promoting the idea by putting highlights of the events on their social media accounts and using the hashtag knowyourstatus. The students also released red balloons at the Opera House in an effort to break the stigma that surrounds AIDS.