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SJC Student Council head speaks about her victory

Aafreen Fathima Mody on Monday spoke to The Beacon about her election as the SJC Student Council President. Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q. Why did you stand for elections?

A: Many issues have gone unnoticed due to the gap between the management and the students. I contested for the post of president to bridge this gap.

Q. How did you overcome the negatives you faced?

A: Patience and having faith. Many faculty members were very appreciative of me contesting the college elections and gave me strength despite all the odds.

Q. You said that you have had your eye on the stage from the first year of college. What makes you better?

A: Each one of us had a different vision for the college. Each one is strongly capable of completing the vision we have had irrespective of the post.

Q. Is there anything you expect from the student body?

A: I would like the student body to work in unity for the welfare of the students and strive towards the upliftment of the college.