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Arvind Sastry inspires students of SJC

With concurrence this year’s theme ‘Indie and Resource Film making’, a session on ‘Independent Film making’ was conducted by Arvind Sastry on Wednesday. Best known for this film ‘Kahi’, in which he played the roles of the writer, director and editor, Arvind Sastry had so much to inspire the young student filmmakers who attended his session named ‘The Journey of an Indie Filmmaker’.

“When I quit my job to pursue a career in film making, I was well aware of the kind of financial situation I was going to put my family through. So, I sat down and thought about it and gave myself specific targets. When I was 22 was when I quit my job, and the only target I had in my mind was, by the time I turn 30, I need to have two feature films to my credit. Right now, I am on the verge of turning 28 and I am starting to work on my third film,”said Sastry inspiring students to take the chance of a lifetime by pursuing their dream.

While elaborating on the important focus points of independent filmmaking, he put forward the four elements that he believes helped him in his career. Firstly, learning music and being able to appreciate music is important. Secondly, having the conviction and standing by it, is extremely crucial in a director’s life and it affects the degree of his success. Thirdly, knowing the craft of filmmaking is essential. Lastly, being practical, smart and unemotional will help face the negative experiences.

Hailing from a middle class family with no connection to the film industry, Sastry says that “When I started out, I realized that no one out there knows me or has any expectations from me. When you are making your first film, you have to be a little arrogant. It is important to realize that there is no one stopping you and if anybody can, it is you. You have the creative liberty.”

“If you are aware about your budget, the level of compromise will come down. once you know your restriction, everything will work accordingly because you will design it that way. There will be more clarity”, says Sastry when asked about the financial difficulties an independent filmmakers could face. He said that the biggest constraint is to convince someone to invest in the dream, “to find people who will give you the creative liberty,” he says.