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Now, an app for aspiring urban gardeners

The Grow2Share app is bringing communities together in the City even as it is used to encourage urban gardeners to be self-sufficient and self-efficient. The app, which is hardly 2 months old, already has 700 users and more people are buying into the idea. Every year, a lot of vegetable produce is wasted due to the toxic pesticides and fertilizers used to grow them.

This app aims at helping people engage with sustainable growing and sharing of vegetables.

Mayank Agarwal, founder of Grow2Share, said, “It is the best way to create communities and through our initiative we are also promoting terrace gardening because places like terraces and balconies get adequate sunlight.”

The app has advice on how to grow vegetables and connects. producers to share their produce. It also offers information on service providers who can help set up personal terrace garden.

Agarwal said “There are a lot of instances where market pric¬es for vegetables shoot up. Even though we encourage people to grow their own vegetables, they will have to be bought and there will still be a demand because people are still just getting used to this idea. We also want to en-courage farmers to grow organic vegetables.”