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Botanical Society Organizes Workshop at SJC

The Centre for Molecular and Computational Biology in association with the Botanical Society, Department of Botany organized a mini workshop on ‘Next generation Sequencing’ on Jan 11, 2017. The workshop was held in the PG block of St. Joseph’s college and was attended by the faculty and all the students of botany department.

Dr. Balaji Rajashekhar, alumni of the college and the head of the Next generation sequencing division in Genotypic Technology Ltd along with Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy, head of the research and development in Genotypic Technology Ltd addressed the students during the workshop. Dr. Rajashekhar spoke about bioinformatics which is an application of statistics in computer science in the field of molecular biology and he further gave a brief explanation on genes, their classifications and the analysis of data in bioinformatics. He said, “When I had been to Pune for a field trip, I saw these nuclear models in the computer with which we could interact and that is what motivated me to take up Bioinformatics. Back then, computers were really different for us but now we are ahead of 20 steps comparatively and all the information needed is available on the internet.”

He further spoke about the importance of the process of extracting the data samples, sequencing, analysing and validating the result. He said that with the advent of technology, every plant can be tested.