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Campaign ends for Student Council polls

The two-day campaign by candidates hoping to be elected to the Students Council of St Joseph’s College ended on Tuesday with supporters of the candidates heating up the campus with spirited slogans, dancing and drumbeats. This year, 22 students are contesting for the posts of General Secretary, President, Treasurer, Vice Secretary and Joint Secretary, and the elections will be held on July 7, with allotted timing slots for all the departments and classes. The results will be announced at 4 p.m.

The contestants have come up with interesting ideas to make the campus a better place. “Josephites should be all rounders and they will be given the chance of attending all cultural events, especially the PG students,” Libin Thomas, contesting for Joint Secretary. “When you are involved in a lot of work and activity, you grow. This year I want to build something new and go forward with it,” said Mayukh Sen, a student candidate contesting for the post of Treasurer.

“A B.Com. student suggested that there should be a Comedy Club in our college, and I said it will be done,” he added also mentionung that he was also a involved in the organising team for TedEx last year and also for Amnesty Club as well as Mock UN. “I want to start a Science Club which will be open to all departments and I will make sure that the college wifi and it’s speed does not fluctuate. ,” said Monisha from the PG Block, who is contesting for the post of Joint Secretary.

Other students contesting are; Vivek Joseph, Mark, Tom Joy, Dhanush, Charles, Kunwarpreet and Santosh Patil for General Secretary; Aaron and John for President; Manoj, Saurab Jain, Anna, Andrew, Shreyas, Mayukh and Abhijith for the post of Treasurer; Tejaswini and Shalom for Vice President; Libin Thomas, Bibin Jacob and Navya George for Joint Secretary.