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Post-holiday blues ‘can be difficult’

Post-holiday blues can be a little difficult to cope with because getting back to the routine after all the fun we have had does not seem like an easy job. We tend to experience life differently when we escape the normal routine and when we return to it, explained Ninoy Rodrigues, Counsellor at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) and faculty at the Department of Psychology. He told The Beacon: “It can be difficult for anyone to return to the routine and start working again after they have experienced the life that is beyond work.”

Rodrigues explained this generally does not come up as a major issue but a casual statement in his counseling sessions where people seem like they are left with existential question without realising why their life has come back to normal when it can be so much more fun. That, in turn, can reinforce the depressive emotions people experience when they have to get back to the routine.

In certain circumstances, when people do not work and have had a long break, some do feel the need to get back to work just to experience stability again, he said. The routine and the cycle actually helps them feel secure in some way, he explained.

One possible solution for people experiencing post holiday blues, suggested Rodrigues, would be to briefly indulge in activities that feel different so they can understand that life is not really a cycle, and that they can look for moments when they can be a child at heart again.