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Prez, VP candidates talk about plans

The Student Council Election for the year 2018-19 is on in full swing at SJC. The process that began on June 27 will end with the announcement of results on 6 July 2018. The Beacon spoke with contenders for the posts of President and Vice President and learnt the planks they were fighting the poll on. Aafreen Fatima Mody (III BSc), Nitin R (III BVC) and Mark Menezes (III BSc) are competing for President.

Aafreen’s motive behind contesting the elections is to bridge the gap between the students and management. Stressing on the divide between the two, she said, “The teachers in the college, no doubt, want to help us out. They are willingly waiting with extended hands. But the problem this gap that we have between the teachers and the students.”

Preventing food wastage in college is the prime poll agenda of Nitin R.“There is this one thing that happened in some colleges in Kerala and Chennai did. They invested money and bought these refrigerators where leftover food can be stored. Anybody can take it and eat it,” he said. “My focus would be on holding conferences, leadership summits, and entrepreneurship meets,” said Mark Menezes.

Aishwarya Jyoti (II BSc), Michelle Stanley (III BCom) and Ankita Hansda (III BA) want to be Vice President. Michelle Stanley wants to end what she believes is a lack of communication between the various departments that is impeding the equal participation of students in college events. “I want to get everyone [all departments] into the organising committee and give them an exposure to it [events],” she said.

Ankita Hansda looks to using her experience to organise better fests by improving communication between the students and the administration. “I have a good rapport with the students and the administration. So I will make sure the communication is smooth and all the work gets done,” she stated. Aishwarya Jyoti feels there is a lack of unity among the Josephites. She said, “There is a segregation [among students] in this campus based on the colour of the tags. Red… green… blue... That is not required. We are all part of the same campus. We need to socialise more and interact as a college.”