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Students gain from career guidance workshop

Counsellor Jennifer Pinto kick-started the career guidance workshop organised at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Wednesday by making the audience confront their challenges to being a leader. Pinto explained how being a leader starts from waking ourselves up without our parents having to beat us off the bed. The one-hour session, organised by second-year MA Mass Communication student Gladys Prabhakar, was interactive and informative.

The three experts — Pinto, counsellor Reshmi and leadership trainer Chris D’souza — directed the audience to identify their individual strengths and find a career based on it. “Identify what you love, what you are good at and what someone will pay you for. Find the mid-ground and that should be your career choice,” said Reshmi. By conducting a quick interactive activity, the counsellors helped the audience identify themselves as either task-oriented or people-oriented. After that, the characteristics and strengths of each group were explained by the experts.

Pinto said no matter how absurd the talent of an individual is, he or she will still be able to find a career based on that talent in this ever-growing world.