List of Certificate Courses 2019 - 2020

Certificate Courses

1 Story Telling –Constructing Memories Dr. Purnima Ms.Githa U Badikillaya (Dept. of Kannada) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
2 UN Cours de conversation en Francais Ms. Satyasree Balijepally (Dept. of French) 60 h ( 2 Credits) Syllabus
3 Spanish Mr. Maheswaan Jayapaul (External) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
4 Bioinformatics Dr. JayaramaReddy Dr.LokeshRavi (Dept. of Botany) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
5 Plant Tissue Culture Mr. Martin Paul.A (Dept. of Botany) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
6 Wildlife Engagement and Environmental Sustainability Mr. Kiran Jeevan Mr. Joel Deepak (Dept. of Social Work) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
7 Basic Research in Ornithology Dr. M.R.E.Wilson Mr. Rohan Menzies (Dept. of Env. Science) 30 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
8 Personality Development and Corporate Etiquette Ms. Neeta Pereira Ms. Anjana Samuel (Dept. of Psychology) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
9 Entomology Dr. Jayashankar (Dept.of Zoology) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
10 Economic Zoology Dr. John Paul (Dept.of Zoology) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
11 Data Science and Analytics Mr.Ananda (Dept. of Statistics) 60 h (2Credits) Syllabus
12 Statistics using SPSS and MS - Excel Mr. Ananda (Dept. of Statistics) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
13 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Dr. K. Madhukar (Dept. of Mathematics) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
14 Employability Sills for Graduates Dr. Senthil Kumar Arumugam Ms. Usha Priyadarshini (Dept. of Commerce) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
15 Investment Management Mr. Charles Ambrose (Dept. of Commerce) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
16 Research Methodology in Business Dr. Christo Selvan.V (Dept. of Commerce) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
17 Professional Accounting for Decision Making Dr. Christo Selvan (Dept. of Commerce) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
18 MS Excel Mr. Cyril (Dept. of Commerce) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
19 Karate (Introductory) Dr. A. Stephen (Dept. of Botany) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
20 Hand Crafted Jewelry Ms. Grace Leena Crasta (Dept. of Botany) 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
21 Creative Writing Ms. Vijetha Kumar (Dept. of English) 60 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
22 Medical Sociology Maria.A (Dept. of Sociology) 60 H (3 Credits) Syllabus
23 Legal Literacy (NLSIU) Dr. P.E. Somaiah (Dept. of Pol. Science) 60 h (4 Credits) Syllabus
24 Clinical Research and Data Management Dr. S. Rajamani Dr.T.V.Ranganatha n (Dept. of Botany) 90 h (3Credits) Syllabus
25 Practical Course on Social Science Research Dr. Rama Gokula Krishnan (Dept. of Social Work) 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
26 Cryptography and Network Security Mr. Selwyn Paul (Dept. of Computer Science) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
27 Music (Keyboard) Mr. Arunodhayan Sam Solomon D (Dept. of Computer Science) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
28 How to be Happier: Positive Psychology Dr. G. Augustine Lourdu Ms. Viola Noronha (Dept. of Social Work) 30 h (1Credit) Syllabus
29 Indian Numismatic Ms. Jane D’Souza (Dept of History) 30 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
30 Urban Ecology and Pollution Abatement Technologies Dr. Sabitha Thomas (Dept. of Zoology) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
31 Identification of Phytocompounds: A Practical Approach Mr. Madappa. M.B (Dept. of Biotechnolgy) 30 H (1Credit) Syllabus
32 Food Technology Dr. Vanitha M.N (Dept. of Microbiology/ Food Science and Technology) 90 h (3Credits) Syllabus
33 Business Analytics Mr.Keshavamurthy and Dr. Nikhil Jha Dept. of Economics 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
34 Principles of Genetic Engineering Dr. Syed Wajeed Dept. of Microbiology 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
35 The Art of Seeing and Observing Dr. Susan Mary Philip Dept. of Biotechnology Dr. Ipsa Jain Post Doctoral Fellow, In Stem, B’lore 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
36 Experimental Biology Dr. Grace Prabhakar Dept. of Biotechnology 60h (2Credits) Syllabus
37 Photography Mr. Avishek Suman (Dept. of Communication) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
38 Graphic Design Mr. Nevil D’Souza (Dept.of Communication) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
39 Digital Marketing &Advertising Mr. Johnson Rajkumar (Dept.of Communication) 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
40 Therapeutic Techniques in Child Psychotherapy Ms. Nisha Menzies Rao Dept. of Psychology 30 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
41 Tally ERP 9 Mr. Cyril Dept. of Commerce 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
42 Web Tech Learning Ms. Banu M. & Ms. Aparna Dept. of Computer Science 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
43 Biostatistics Ms. Maria Thomas Dept. of Mathematics 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
44 Bharatanatyam Dr. A. Alan Godfrey Dept. of Social Work 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
45 Creativity & Innovation Management Fr. Joy Rodrigues, SJ & Dr. Neil Tannen Dept. of Commerce & Dept. Political Science 30 h (1 Credit) Syllabus
46 Play & Human Development Mr. Ninoy Rodrigues, Dept. of Psychology 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus
47 MS Access Mr. Richard Francis Dept. of Administration 30 h (2 Credits) Syllabus
48 SAS Programming Dr. Jayarama Reddy, Dr. T.V. Ranganathan Dept. of Botany 90 h (3 Credits) Syllabus