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Christites sweep Economics festival!

Students from Christ University secured the overall championship of the Oikonomika 2017, bagging 37 points overall in the 5 events held. It was a clear victory for the Christites and Mount Carmel College were runners up. Oikonomika was a one day event where almost 10 colleges across the city participated including St Joseph’s College and approximately 100 students took part in various events.

“We will not remember the day, but we will always remember special moments. Events like this will be always remembered”, said Dr.Rajesh, Principal of B.M. English School and one of the sponsors of Oikonomika 2017 at the valedictory.

Oikonomika 2017 was inaugurated on Tuesday at St. Joseph’s College by Dr. Angan Sen Gupta, Asst. Prof. from Amrita University. Dr. Angan Sen Gupta spoke about the importance of development in everyday life and in every field. “ Everyone is competitive in nature and the fittest will survive according to law of nature,” he said. He added that “When it comes to function everyone do not work equally. And if you do not function you are not part of the best half of the society”.

“Oikonomika was started at 2010 by the Post Graduation Department of Economics. It was started in an informal manner but over the year there was participation from different colleges across the city,” said Dr. Subhashini Muthukrishnan, H.O.D, Economics Department while addressing the gathering.

She also mentioned that the fest mainly helps students to understand the theories of Economics and its use in everyday life and to explore the potential of students in creatively designing activities involving the principles of Economics.

“These competitions that we have included are based on whatever students have studied before. And this will help the students to relate to the theory they have studied and use it in these competitions. Theoretical perspective is what they get from classroom, here they can have a practical experience. For example events such as mock-stock helps them apply the theory they have learned previously,” said Nikita Rajendra, Co-ordinator, Oikonomika and faculty member of Economics Department.

She also said that there have been events that are tailor made from previous years, at the same time they have tried to bring new innovative events such as investigative journalism.