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Research colloquium inaugurated

A critique of Nike’s ‘The Girl Effect’, of how humanitarian subjects are used as economic subjects by the corporates, was made at the first research colloquium of the academic year 2017-18 which was held in the post graduate block of St Joseph’s College on Wednesday evening.

Dr K Madhukar, from the Department of Mathematics and Dr Swati Bandi, from the Department of Mass Communication were the faculty members who presented their papers.

Dr Bandi presented a paper on ‘Under the Sign of Swoosh: Visual Economies of Nike’s Humanitarian Media Intervention’ where she looked at the creation of humanitarian subjects by subjects.

The objective of her study was to find out how media uses notions of truth and reality entrenched in truth telling narrative modes such as documentary films, news, films and how they help to shape the ethical and political relationship people have towards them.

She studied the CSR initiative by Nike, ‘The Girl Effect’ in 2005. She spoke about how these multinational companies use the images of the people especially women and kids passively looking at the camera in order to gain sympathy and how these images are used for their own economic benefits.

“Even if there are companies who have done CSR for 100 years, they try to perpetuate and reinforce the same hierarchical structure. Nike has a very progressive narrative and the hierarchies in sexual economy are constructed through these images globally,” said Dr Bandi.

Dr Madhukar presented a paper on ‘Dynamics and Rheology of periodically forced particles in a fluid at low Reynolds numbers’ and he went technical in explaining fluid dynamics. Dr Bandi told The Beacon “I loved being a part of this research colloquium and I’m so glad I got this opportunity and I hope there are many more such events in the future.” Director of Research in SJC, Rev Dr Richard Rego, said, “I’m pleased to see the discussions and there were many from different departments.”