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Student Council elections today in SJC

St Joseph’s College has readied itself for Election Day on Friday (July 7) when the new faces to the Students Council will be chosen by the students. Several candidates are vying for the posts of President, Vice- President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Joint Secretary for the Student Council of 2017-18. The UG candidates on Thursday pitched their promises and their plans to the large student crowd in the UG Quadrangle with their supporters cheering them on with slogans.

Dr.Kiran Jeevan, PRO of SJC,called out the list of eight students standing for the post of the Treasurer followed by the six students for the post of General Secretary and two students each for the posts of Vice President and the President, respectively. Standing for the post of President are Aaron S George and John Issac Gabriel from the IES combination. For the post of the Treasurer the candidates are Abhijith R Panicker, Andrew Kurian Jacob, Anna Rose Palathingal, Manoj P, MayukhSen, Saurab Jain J, and Shreyas Padmanabha Sharma.For the post of the General Secretary the candidates are Charles Joshua Sekar, Dhanush S, Kunwarpreet Singh, Mark Menezes, Santosh Reddy Patil, Tom J Pulickan and Vivek Joseph.

To cast their votes, students are to bring their ID cards and calendars along with their photos. Elections to the various posts will be conducted on Friday from 9 a.m. onwards at designated polling booths. The candidates spoke about how each of their posts were an important part in the functioning. of the Student Council and the college. They urged students to vote the right person in on the basis of the content and integrity of the candidates.“Student Council which is a body of empowerment and of the voices within the college should reflect the vision,” said Tejaswini Mohan, who is standing for the post of the Vice President. Aaron, contesting for the post of President, spoke on how change is an important factor in democracy.