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VISAGES 2k18 ends on a crescendo

The second day of VISAGES 2k18 the annual fest of St Joseph’s College (autonomous) showcased the most-highlighted events of the fest. The proceedings for the day started at 11 am and lasted till 4 pm. This year’s fest saw more of a turnout than last year’s.

The day began with the Battle of the Bands, which saw a clash of bands from colleges all over South India. There was clearly room for improvement. “Work together as a team,” Joshua Barna, one of the judges of the event, told all the teams as they gathered together after the performances. But that wasn’t the only clash taking place: A fiery battle of words, in the form of Just A Minute (JAM), took place at another venue, while at yet another event, participants tried to convince the judge playing the role of a pilot why they were deserving of the last parachute in the event Aircrash.

As the sun was at its highest, the personality contest took place at the Main Ground. In all, 16 participants made it the final round. They were tested not only by the judge actor Praveen Devasagayam and his scorching remarks but also the hot day the event was taking place on. One of the final events was the Fashion Show, or as the college’s Student Council President Aafreen Mody put it: “The crowd-puller event.” In another venue, street plays drummed up support for social causes as onlookers gathered to see displays on social causes.