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11 colleges in Datagram fest

Learning and fun came hand in hand at the intra-collegiate fest Datagram v2 organised by the Department of Big Data Analytics at the St Joseph’s College today. Eleven different colleges participated in it.

The department scheduled various events throughout the day such as Mad Ads, Dumb Charades, Treasure Hunt, Quiz, JAM, What If, Lecture Contest and Star of Datagram v2. The first year students planned this event along with the Sigma Squared Association.

Special guest Dr. Saurav Sen Gupta from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, said “Everything and anything has data generated and it becomes part and parcel of our life.”

Nipun N. Pise M.Sc., second year, said, “This is the second year of our fest. Last year it was more learning based; we had people coming from companies like TCS for conducting workshops on Data Science and Python Software which was effective for learning.”

Varshini, first year B.Sc, MES College, said “All the events scheduled are overlapping which makes it difficult for us to participate’’. “The objective was to create basic awareness about the subject by adding fun to the learning. Because of this we had more number of participants than last year’’ said Ms. Jayathi Bhadra, Coordinator of the Department.