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Panel discusses digital storytelling evolution

“We need to realise the connection between the nuances of digital storytelling and the extent to which we engage our critical thinking while making choices with regard to this,” said Dr Benson Rajan, taking a slightly critical and interesting stance on the narrative at the Mediacon 2019 panel discussion held at St Joseph’s College Autonomous, on Friday that covered the topic Digital Storytelling as an Instrument of Citizen Empowerment.

Rajan, an assistant professor and with the Department of Business Studies and Social Sciences at Christ University, Bangalore, shed light on how various aspects of the media are changing, how conventions are being challenged today and the constant struggle of creating a buzz.

He questioned the idea of originality, saying nothing is completely original but rather inspired by other existing ideas. “Is digital content a part of the mainstream narrative today?” he asked. Panel member Parul Aggarwal emphasised on the impact of online platforms and how digital storytelling has changed.

Akila Somnath, a media professional, spoke about the need to tap the right medium to pass on the necessary information and how some apps have empowered a lot of people in rural India to communicate.