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Disrupt or be disrupted: Sanjay Sahay

“The major conversation of our times is technology, ” said Sanjay Sahay, cyber­security expert and senior police officer, at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Saturday, June 22. He explained how technology is the new currency during the lecture A Billionaire Story . He said, “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity and data is the new oil. In a few years every detail of our lives will be easily accessible to the government. This being the exponential age, cost and size decreases and the performance of technology increases.”

According to Sahay, China is the next superpower because it can access the data of its citizens and data is at the centre of the universe. The digital world remains unregulated and technology cannot be controlled by law, and so it is important now to develop different cyber security softwares, he said. Sahay also said, “Data is very much unprotected and only three things in life are certain: taxes, hacking and death.” He also spoke about Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is the new digital revolution in which everyone should actively participate.