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SJC scales DKD2 again after ten years

Nimish Bharadwaj, III, was one of two students selected by the Karnataka Goa Directorate of the NCC to go to the Draupati Ka Danda II (DKD2) for a mountaineering course representing Karnataka and St Joseph’s College. “The Base camp was at 12,500fts at Machadar and the height gain we did was 15,800fts,” said Nimish Bharadwaj Nimish is the first cadet from the senior division after a gap of 10 years to join this trek from SJC.

The mountaineering course orgainised by the Nehru institute of mountaineering Uttarakhand enrolled 90 students including 2 foreigners for the course this time. “On a regular trip one carries a weight of 8-10kgs, but on such a trek the weight of the equipment is around 30kgs. This was the real challenge for me,” said Nimish Bharadwaj

Nimish Bharadwaj adds, “If you are interested in mountaineering you should join the course since it gives you skills and experience, you can even be certified once you get it done.”