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Election Commission meets SJC Students

Election Commission visited St. Joseph’s College on 8 January in order to create awareness among students about the upcoming Assembly Election in May 2018 and to issue Voter’s identity cards for students above 18 years. “I am from the Election Commission, we have come to create awareness among students about the importance of casting vote. Everyone above the age of 18 will get form 6 and they will be eligible to vote,”mentioned Shivanna, Revenue Inspector,BBMP.

“We have been going to different colleges around the city to promote voting among young students,” he added. There are two forms that has been given: Form no 6 for students who are new to enroll to vote and Form no 7 for students who wants to make changes in their already existing voter id. Form no 7 is mostly for migrants. “I would appreciate this initiative by the BBMP officials for making sure that all students above 18 years of age are eligible to vote. Every citizen has the right to vote. And use these rights for the right purpose. The Election Commision visted both undergraduate and post graduate courses in St. Joseph’s college”, said Libin Thomas, Joint Secretary, St Joseph’s college.

He also mentioned that students must use this as an opportunity to avail voters ID and cast their vote in the upcoming Assembly Election, May 2018. The forms are available in the college office of both the undergraduate and postgraduate blocks and every student who doesn’t have an identity card is advised to apply for it as soon as possible.