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SJC drive to enroll student voters

St Joseph’s College students can now apply on campus for their voter ID cards that will make them eligible to vote in the upcoming State assembly elections in 2018 and the national elections in 2019 to the Lok Sabha. The Public Relations Office (PRO) and the Social Work Association have come together to organize a camp for the students to apply for their voters ID.

Prof. Kiran Jeevan, PRO-SJC, said, “Next year is the Karnataka election and we want young people to vote but there are so many students who do not have a voters ID. In a college of around 5000 students roughly 1000 would not have voters’ ID.” He added, “The National Voters Registration (NVR) camp is to be held from August 19 to 23. The intention is to get a big set of students for the 2018 State election and the 2019 national election. We have students helping out with registrations simultaneously in five different areas within the campus namely the UG quadrangle and canteen, PG quadrangle and library to optimize the registration process”. He hopes to achieve the enrollment of at least 1000 students.