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IGNITORS comes to an eventful wrap

The three day IGNITORS programme finally comes to an end with enlightening topics for discussion. Students had various subjects to debate on like caste and gender, challenges faced by youth, youth and love, anger management, etc.

Along with these sessions, students took part in the outreach programme by marching to Mayo Hall and St Marks road holding placards to make people aware of ‘elderly abuse’.

Kiran Jeevan, the PRO of SJC, dealt with ‘challenges faced by youth’. By stating ample amount of real life examples, he kept the audience involved. He said, “My main idea was that every challenge in life has a solution. If you keep dwelling on the problem, you’ll never find a solution. And the other thing I wanted to convey is, if education has not made you think different, why even come to college to study? Most of my examples were based on this. We have to think differently to solve a problem.”

Sharanya Francis, teacher, writer and an activist working in the line of women empowerment, took a session on awareness about sexual harassment and domestic violence. She engaged the class with activities like fist fights and passing a lit match stick to try to figure out who is to blame and how power and violence are deeply connected. She said, “I wanted to teach the students how the battle of the sexes always leads to power struggle and therefore leading to violence and sexual harassment. We always believe that sexual harassment is a distant entity and not something that happens to ourselves or somebody that we know and that is what I want to address in class.”

Jayashree G from CBZ of SJC said, “The classes were very motivating and we have learned many new things from that. But the Outreach programme about ‘elderly abuse’ was very tiring for all of us and we lacked clarity as to what was happening.”

Ritika Datta from MCZ said, “All the sessions of the Ignitors were informative. The common thing we usually ignore or do not pay much heed to was addressed in these sessions. Now I am very aware of my surroundings. Thankfully, I can relate to many of the topics taught in class.”