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Exodus Gospel festival on August 26, 27

St Joseph’s College is getting ready for yet another festival – the 30th edition of the annual inter-Collegiate Gospel fest Exodus – close on the heels of the just-concluded Allura festival. Exodus has as its theme “Acceptance” and will be held on August 26 and 27. It is being organised by the Christian Student Association (CSA) of SJC.

Felix Sachin, President of CSA, said, “We invited around 40 colleges including Mount Carmel, Christ University, St. Anne’s College, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, for the fest.” The inauguration of the Gospel fest will take place after classes on August 26, from 12.00 noon to 12:30pm.

The fest includes 21 events in all, scheduled for day one and two. There are on stage and off stage events. The CSA also plans to have around 13 stalls. Day one begins with music and dance performances which are on stage events. Other events include praise and worship, creative introduction, Western music and ends with choreography. This will be followed by the off stage events and activities such as Noah’s Ark, Bible Quiz, Creative Writing, vernacular music, face painting and painting.

Day two has various on stage and off stage performances, events and activities like photography, sketching, greeting cards making, screen play writing, elocution and collage.