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Farewell to a great guide

Dr. Fr. Ambrose Pinto played an important role in shaping the lives of his students. He was not just a good administrator but a very influential teacher too. His strong sense of political consciousness inspired many of his students. He was socially very active and he lived up to the term. It was not passive spectatorship. He always fought for social equality and social justice.

“His classes were a complete revelation. He would completely transform the way you look at the world and he would force us to be critical to these things and not just accept things at face value” remembered Prof. Parinita Shinde, a former student and a faculty of the college.

Students were close to him because of his openness and approachable behaviour. Betterment of his students was his primary motive as he helped them with their studies. Reading books alone will not improve a student. He encouraged the students to work in the field and learn and develop from outdoor experience.

He made sure that no poor student was turned away from the college. His former student Br. Philip Noronha recalls him as a kind and compassionate person. “He inspired me so much. He encouraged us to take up a cause and fight for it because you cannot wait to think and then fight. You need to be active outside classrooms was his advice”.

Learning outside the four walls of classroom was his main motto. He encouraged his students to be critical and active. His students remember him with great love and respect. His death is a great loss not just to the college but to society as well as he was not a just face. He was a man of action