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Allura fires up the spirit of competition

Fifteen different colleges, including one each from Chennai and Mangalore, participated on Friday in a number of competitive events at Allura 2017 and overall there were 206 student participants on the first day of the two-day festival. The events included Rebranding, Quiz, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and Photography and Creative Business workshops.

Among the colleges that too part in the competitions were Kristu Jayanti, Christ University, St. Aloysius (Mangalore), and CMS Jain. “Rebranding” had seven teams participating. They were given the product “Fruitomans” with the tagline ‘Life’s sweet, enjoy’. They had to construct rebranding strategies for the company to enter the premium spaces of exotic cheese and chocolate products. The judges Prof. Ampat Varghese, SJC, and Faraz Ahmad, creator of Adamscreation.

Avina Dubey, student of Christ University said, “Since we were the first ones to perform, we were so nervous, we did not know what would happen. But we are happy we got feedback on what we did because it would help us to do better next time.” She added “It was a nice feeling, the environment is very different from my college, it is good and warm, and it feels like home”. The ‘Creative Business’ was conducted by the Lazaro Brothers. Jude Lazaro said “Creative business is not a selfish hazard but actually a selfless place. We got to take our ego and put it in your back pocket; you are no longer the voice of yourself, but the voice of somebody else.” “Amplify your

talent, build a skill set and then carry forward the philosophy. So if you love it, you will do it well,” said Mark Lazaro.

Jude added, “The industry is filled with lot of moments where you are literally play active; you are being somebody else. This is a professional field and this is your job and you are expected to do it with a level of acceptance. The signs of a professional are: know what you are doing, be good at what they are doing and do it on a repeatable basis.”