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First blood donation drive by St John’s on campus

Voluntary blood donation drive for the very first time was held at St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) by St John’s Medical College Hospital. “There is a dire need for blood, as it can’t be synthesised. Only way we have access to blood is through volunteers,” said Dr. Vanamala, the doctor in charge of the drive. “Scientifically also, voluntary blood is also a lot healthier as the volunteers are honest about their health conditions,” she added.

The ideal candidate for blood donation is above 18 and under 60, someone who is not dependent on regular medication, and who is infection free. Women who are menstruating are screened out as well. In older volunteers we screen out patients who have diabetes and hypertension. The frequency for males to donate blood is three months and for females, four months.

Almost 200 children who suffer from thalassemia, patients on dialysis, patients suffering from blood cancers and bleeding are completely dependent on frequent donation. Various Blood Transfusion Councils, at the Central and State level conduct checks at regular intervals to make sure we have stock which is entirely dependent on voluntary blood donation.” added Dr. Vanamala. Former student, Emmanuel David, the coordinator at St. Johns Medical College Hospital informed that a total of 60 units of blood was collected at the drive.