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Focus on love, anger, creativity

Sessions at the three-day intensive workshops organised under the IGNITORS banner on Monday covered various areas of creativity, personality and emotional development. A session facilitated by Ms. Neeta Gerosa Pereira, Co-ordinator, Dept. of Psychology, focused on helping the students differentiate between “Love and Infatuation”. Ms. Neeta said, “Students have limited knowledge about love. There is an increase in drugs and suicide rates in the age group of 15 to 25 there is a need to address these issues.”

The session gave students an insight into the difference between love and lust with the facilitator using real life examples. The students were later divided into three groups and given case studies to enact in their own creative way. The sessions were a combination of interaction and activities. In the one on ‘Crisis and Conflict Management and Decision-making’, the students were asked to enact scenarios of personal, group and interpersonal conflicts. They were also briefed about how conflicts arise.

Another session by Mr. M Satish Rajan aimed at motivating students to bring out their creative skills through critical thinking. He says, “Technology is a hindrance to the skills that we already have. The aim of this session is to emphasize on developing creative and critical thinking and moving away from the monotonous way of living life.” There was also a session that focussed on anger management issues that aimed at empowering students to directing anger towards constructive behaviour rather than destructive.

Dr. Joyce D’souza from the Dept of Chemistry, who led it said “In our activity the students will be divided into groups and asked to enact how anger can be turned into a constructive or a destructive behaviour, and they will also portray how situations can be handled better.”