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Fragmented distribution to take over traditional concept: B.S. Srinivas

The fragmented distribution of film slowly takes over the traditional concept of film distribution in India says B.S Srinivas, Director at Purple Arrow Films and Film Trade consultant during the talk session at Rushes National Film Festival 2018. Srinivas spoke about the importance of distribution of films and how it can affect the marketing of the film. “It is not about how you create your content, it is about how the film is distributed in the market that plays an important role in the reach of the particular film among the audience”.

“There is a lot of potential for content in India. Then we thought why don’t we create a company in India which will concentrate on content, that will benefit all the content writers in India”, he said while addressing the gathering. He said that their company also takes the Indian content to foreign countries and translate it to their languages, so the Indian films will have more reach among the foreigners.

Purple Arrow Films works as the content aggregators. “We take content to online platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and others. Selling it smartly to various platforms and getting maximum benefits is our aim”.

Indian cinema is very diverse and most of the good content dies in the can due to bad distribution of the film in the market and most of them do not see the theatre. Distributors buy the films and distribute it territory wise. Producer mostly does the job of distribution or at time give it to a distributor.

“If you create a content for 50 to 70 lakhs, before the movie releases you will get the full amount back. And after the release whatever you get is your profit”, says Srinivas.

Srinivas has said that they have started taking up Bollywood movies now, previously they had concentrated only on Kannada films. There is a new market that is becoming popular called the Original Market. For example Amazon Original. This is getting popular among the people and as of now only stars are working with it as it is pioneering concept in the industry. Srinivas was the first one to introduce animation education in India the country 20 years back.