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Fresh faces elected to Student Council

The results of the elections to the Student Council in St Joseph’s College were announced on Friday evening with Aaron S.George elected as the President and Charles Joshua as the General Secretary. The results were announced in the UG Quadrangle in the presence of Rev Fr Melwyn D’Cunha, Dr. Fr Richard Rego, Dr. Kiran Jeevan and Dr. Arul Mani who guided a discussion on the polls even as results of the counting came in.

The other members of the Student Council are Mayukh Sen who was elected as the Treasurer, Tejaswani. M as the Vice-President and Libin Thomas as the Joint Secretary.

“The elections this year in the PG Block was very good. We had almost 90% of students voting. Some departments like Microbiology and Mass Communication had 100% voting. One thing I noticed this year is the number of candidates standing from PG, because we never had more than 6 candidates until this year. This entire election was more of a celebration of democracy,” said Dr. Kiran Jeevan.

The President of the newly elected Students’ Council spoke to The Beacon expressing his gratitude to his supporters saying, “The entire one week was beautiful. I am looking forward to working for an inclusive council and for a better tomorrow that is my goal. We will work together to achieve our goals.”

General Secretary of the new Students’ Council, Charles also thanked his supporters saying, “We will walk as one, and I will fulfil whatever I have committed.”

“Election is a process wherein individuals elect their leaders. We had a discussion with the student representatives and the staff, as to what should be the best method for the elections whether it should be held at one level. But at the same time, it is a good process where everyone participate. Sometimes we see that politics is bad and people are corrupt. But how do you bring in a change, and whatever change we expect we should bring it ourselves.” said Vice Principal, Fr. Melwyn D’Cunha.