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SJC engages in ‘The Global Classroom
In an effort to educate students about the idea of world view, Department of Communication in St Joseph’s College, Post Graduate Centre, held a ‘Global Class’, on February 15 2017. The students were engaged in an interactive session with professors and students from US, Canada and Nigeria.

Professor Edwin McDaniel, Intercultural Communication at Aichi Shukutoku University in Nagoya, Japan from San Diego, Professor Lon Appleby, School of Interdisciplinary Studies & Employment Services, Durham College, Oshawa Canada, along with a student from Ilorin University, Nigeria, interacted with students from Bangalore. Professor Edwin McDaniel said, “The world has shrunk and so has the interaction with the entire world. So think about diversity and if you are interacting with someone and you think they are weird; they think that you are weird too.” Speaking about the various factors that influence world view, Professor Lon Appleby said, “The idea of capitalism, geography, our community and everything around us influences our understanding of world view.” .

“The world view evolves with experiences and maturity of individuals and also differs based on cultural origin. Ironically, one’s world view is shaped and developed by the western ideas,” said Claude D’Souza, II, MA MCJ. Session also evolved questions about the influence of colonialism and its effect on the world view of Indians