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Mixed responses to GOT

An atmosphere of mystery and thrill took over as Josephites watched the public screening of the Season 7 finale of the Game of Thrones TV series on Monday evening, Graphic Inc. in collaboration with the Rushes film club of St Joseph’s College hosted the screening. Watching with bated breath, the audience had mixed responses, they were still intrigued and the element of suspense prevailed.

“The only thing that I didn’t anticipate was the execution of Lord Baelish. I liked the way they ended the season by showing the wall collapsing and right before that a shot of Bran Stark. It leaves more of an open ending where the wall actually collapses or it is just a vision Bran gets,’’ says Aman Sheik, president of Rushes Film club.

Though the event gained popularity among GoT fans on campus, it came with challenges of its own. “The screening was difficult to pull off, GoT series is not the easiest to slide over with anyone. But we did pull it off, though there were technical hiccups initially. I’m glad the audience was patient and appreciative throughout’’ says Imli Sunup Jamir, second year B.voc student member of the Graphic Inc. club.

Due to paucity of time, there was no panel discussion \but the clubs are keen on working to bring out similar events, “I would’ve loved a discussion session after, but the short amount of time after college hours was barely enough to squeeze one out. We’ll definitely try harder next time’’ added Imli. Graphic Inc. is a club dedicated to mobilising people with similar interests.