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Green signal for Allura fest on Aug 18-19

An art installation referring to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and a Steampunk robot prancing around were the highlights of the 5th edition of the Allura festival which was inaugurated at St Joseph’s College on Saturday. Allura is organized by students of the Bachelor of Visual Communication (BVC) and the theme this year is “Steampunk”.

John Thomas, a senior journalist, Dr Richard Rego, Director of Research at SJC, Johnson Rajkumar, HOD, BVC, Dr Sahana Sarkar, staff coordinator, Images, and Tessy Thomas, president, Images, unveiled the Allura trophy along with student representatives from various colleges who were present. “It’s an excellent choice of theme and the avant garde for Allura 2017. It is not only about remembering the past, but also what is likely to come. General knowledge and current affairs come together through visual art. Background gives us the basis to look forward,” said John Thomas.

Johnson Rajkumar said “Every Allura pays tribute to an art movement. Wehave had Pop Art and Surrealism earlier but now it’s Steampunk. We are also doing an eco-friendly Allura where not even cellotape is being used. There will be workshops in photography, art, etc and two new events will be launched.” Nitya Tulsiram, a 3rd year BVC student, said one of the new events pertains to advertising launches.

Online contests relating to Allura are already taking place. They include Photography, GIF –making and Sharp Shots, a new addition. But the main festival days and competitions will be on August 18 and 19 in a festival which combines art, literature, music, fashion, comedy, media and simple, good fun. Sustainability is also being promoted at this fest.

Chandana Nag, a 3rd year BVC student said, “Most fests tend to generate a lot of waste. So we are taking an eco -friendly approach. The giveaways, prizes and stalls will all be eco-friendly too. NGOs have partnered with to help us maintain and dispose waste in the right manner.”